QEII Coaching

The Club is justifiably proud of the professional and highly accredited coaches who call the QE2 Track Club home. These coaches have an enormous range of experience enabling them to continue to coach athletes to the highest standard in National and International competitions year in and year out.
As a professional each coach is accredited and insured with the 'Australian Track & Field Coaches Association' (ATFCA) and 'Australian Athletics' coach accreditation program.

Coaching sessions
Club coaching sessions are conducted at the Queensland State Athletic Facility (QSAC or QE2 Stadium Nathan) on a combination of afternoons, generally between 4:00 pm and 7.00pm. The athletes usually meet on the back straight at the track where the green equipment sheds are also located. Club equipment is available for use during this time only under the supervision of a Club Coach - this includes throwing implements, starting blocks, sleds, medicine balls, Swiss balls and much more.

Coaching inquiries
If you are looking for a coach send an email to our Coaching Coordinator. coaching@qe2trackclub.com In your email please outline your age, gender, your level of training and competition experience, your preferred event and what you are striving to achieve e.g. 'All Schools' qualifier, National qualifier or as a social athlete.
The Coaching Coordinator will then forward your request to the most appropriate coach for your athlete to arrange for a time to meet with the selected coach. You may also directly telephone any of the coaches listed below or any of the persons listed on our Contact page.

Coaches wishing to join the club
QEII is always looking for new coaches to work within the club. Whether you are an established coach or a coach just starting out, the QEII club will welcome you.  Our coaches work together in a collegiate environment for the benefit of our athletes and the sport in general. If you are interested in joining our club please contact our president by phone or email president@qe2trackclub.com for more information and to arrange for our President to contact you. Club policy requires prospective coaches to forward a resume to the Committee prior to acceptance.

Club equipment is available for use during training only under the supervision of a Club coach. We have a wide range of equipment for use by QEII Track Club coaches with their squads. It is expensive to acquire this gear however and so we ask that coaches take the utmost care in its supervision and return after training (count it out and count it back in please). In this way we can build on our resources over the years rather than just replacing lost gear every year. It is your club’s equipment – so look out for it and look after it.

To see a full list of all the coaches click here.

To see a map & directions details of how to get to the track click here.